INTENZE Tattoo Ink, Are They Good For Design? (Review)


When it comes to design and quality then INTENZE Tattoo Ink is best for high-quality design. Improving tattoos is also an artist’s job, but it also involves high-quality ink. If the tattoo ink is good then your design will be good too. The inks used in tattooing create a unified and quick healing process, as … Read more

10 Best White Tattoo Ink (Latest Review + Buying Guide)

best white tattoo ink

tattoos art is a growing industry in the world and every day new colors are discovered. The most commonly used ink is black tattoo ink which is very popular because of its darkness and shining. But nowadays white tattoos are becoming very popular. People love it because it is a unique design. These tattoos are … Read more

Best Red Tattoo Ink 2022 Review & Buying Guide

best red tattoo ink

Red is very famous and most wanted ink in tattoos. It stands out in any design and gives an eye-catching touch to any tattoo and is also used for individual small red tattoos. Rose, the American flag, and Hearts are the designs you do not think of without red ink. But red tattoo ink has … Read more

Best Black Tattoo Ink Brands 2022 Guide & Review

best black tattoo ink

Drawing an amazing and shiny tattoo depends on two things one is on your artist. That is how much he is experienced and how much he has command on his art. And the second and most important thing is your ink brand. Which ink brand does your artist use in the drawing? Because Ink can … Read more