How to Clean A Tattoo

How to Clean A Tattoo ( 6 Different and Easy Steps)

Congratulations, on making the new tattoo you always wanted. But its brightness and colors shining will become perfect only when you take good care of it, keep it clean, and keep it away from dirt and germs. As we all know getting new tattoos gives a lot of pain and wounds, and obviously there is a lot of chance of getting infected if you touch it with a dirty hand or dirty surface. So after getting a tattoo the first step toward the healing process is keeping your tattooed area clean. So how do you will do it, In this article, we explained How to Clean A Tattoo in detail.

Step By Step Guide On How To Clean A New Tattoo

Keeping a tattoo clean will give you two benefits. Number one is that it keeps all the germs and dirt away from your wounds which saves you from any type of skin infection. And the second advantage is that when your tattoo is completely healed, all the colors will look bright and shiny. Without wasting your time, let’s start steps to cleaning a tattoo. We divided cleaning tattoo tips into 6 Different steps, such as

  • Washing Hands
  • Wetting your tattoo
  • Add mild soap or any tattoo cleanser
  • Wash it
  • Dry
  • Moisturize

1 Wash Your Hand Thoroughly

washing hands with soap
washing hands with soap

Whenever you feel the need to touch your tattooed area, whether it is applying a cream or cleaning it, make sure to wash your hand with antibacterial cream. Because if you touch your wounds with a dirty hand then all the germs will go into your skin layers which creates a lot of chance of infection. So always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your tattoo.

2 Wetting your tattoo

wet your tattoo
wet your tattoo

When your tattoo gets complete then the next few hours or the next morning your artist will advise you to clean your tattoo. Whenever you clean your tattoo for the first time use lukewarm water. Because very hot water will give you pain and with very cold water your tattoo will not clean properly. Lukewarm water removes blood and clots dirt easily from your tattoo.

3 Add Mild Soap Or Any Tattoo Cleanser

use best soap for cleaning a tattoo
use best soap for cleaning a tattoo

For cleaning the tattoo the first time after removing the wrapping I personally recommend you to not apply any soap or other cleansers to clean your tattoo, leave it. Just use lukewarm water for cleaning tattoos. After 2 or 3 days when your wounds start healing then apply soap and cleanser for cleaning the tattoo.

4 Wash Your Tattoo

Wash your tattoo gently by hand. Do not rub your tattoo if you rub it you are irritating the tattoo which will cause more irritation on the top of it, so never rub it just use your hand softly. Cup your hands, and apply water to clean the tattoo.

5 Dry Your Tattoo

dry your tattoo
dry your tattoo

When you wash a tattoo perfectly, then dry it quickly because if you leave your tattoo wet, there is a lot of chance that Bubbles Form on your open wounds. Take towel paper or soft and clean cotton cloth and press your tattooed area, do not use complex and dirty clothes or towels for a drying tattoo because they introduce bacteria to your wounds.

6 Moisturize


It is the last tattoo aftercare instruction for cleaning your tattoo. So when you dry your tattoo add some butter/ cream to keep your tattoo healthy and moisturized. But remember that always use a small amount of moisturizer because too much lotion can affect your healing.

Full Video On How To Clean A Tattoo

Things Not To Do During Healing Process

Avoid Swimming

Submerging yourself in water is very dangerous for your tattoo it can give you any kind of infection. So during the healing process prevent submerging your body in any kind of lake, river, swimming pool, pond, and ocean. It is highly recommended by professional artists that stay away from it.

Avoid Scratching Wounds

After two or three-day scabs will appear on the tattooed area which is the first sign of healing. But most people start picking scabs and scratching them which is irritating your tattoo. So please avoid scratching your tattoo it can infect your skin and also damage your all design.

FAQs About How To Clean A Tattoo

Can we wrap the tattoo again after removing the bandage?

According to the advice of your artist when you remove a bandage from your tattoo do not apply another one, leave it open in the air. Because your wounds need oxygen for healing.

How many times a day can we clean our tattoos?

Keeping your tattoo clean is essential for quick healing. According to my opinion cleaning a tattoo, 3 times a day is enough. First when you wake up in the morning wash your tattoo and apply all the above instructions, once in the afternoon time, and at last in the night before going to sleep.

When can I start washing my tattoo like normal skin?

After two to three weeks of getting a tattoo when your wounds get completely healed, you can wash your tattoo like normal skin. Once your tattoo stops peeling, flaking, and swelling it is time now you can wash your tattooed area like normal skin.


Keeping your tattoo clean is very important for quick healing. This is why I felt the need of writing a detailed article on how to clean a tattoo. After reading this article you will be able to know how to clean a tattoo and what activities must be avoided during the healing process. Clean your tattoo a minimum of 3 times a day, do not leave it in the sun, and keep it away from dirt.

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