INTENZE Tattoo Ink, Are They Good For Design? (Review)

When it comes to design and quality then INTENZE Tattoo Ink is best for high-quality design. Improving tattoos is also an artist’s job, but it also involves high-quality ink. If the tattoo ink is good then your design will be good too. The inks used in tattooing create a unified and quick healing process, as well as vibrant colors that enhance the appeal of our designs.

The inks are made using the safest formulation possible, making them suitable for human consumption. Furthermore, what distinguishes my tattoo from everyone is that it is vegan, and I am able to appropriately mix the inks to guarantee that the color blends smoothly into the skin, therefore boosting my tattoo design. Furthermore, Intenze changes the ink in such a manner that it eliminates the usual risks seen in other inks.

INTENZE tattoo ink features

Ink quality

Color quality


Ink Quality

The inks are tested using scientific formulations by Intenze tattoo ink. Whenever these samples come back negative, they are destroyed. Multiple procedures are used to guarantee that the tattoo heals quickly and smoothly. Before use, the pigments are rigorously tested for fluidity, temperature, fluidity, and pH levels. To get faultless colors, the inks are carefully blended. The inks are sterilized once they have been tested. They’re manufactured with a combination of high-tech equipment, chemistry, and emotion. They’re also durable, resistant, and don’t dry out quickly.

Color Selection

The intenze tattoo company offers 200+ different types of tattoo products. These companies offer the best and most colorful colors in the current market; I myself have used many colors in it and have given good results. You may freely check out and test with any color to improve and bolden your artwork.

It includes some famous colors and the most useful color is like black, dark brown, light green, hard orange, and true magenta. In my opinion that you can use any of these colors to beautify your tattoos.


Intenze tattoos useful day by day and competition with other ink products. These products are self-checked by the International Health Standards. Are very friendly, this includes things that are not harmful. There are no things in it that can harm the human body. The producer tests all of the tattoo inks. In addition, new technical equipment is used to sterilize and try the products, and advancements to the ink manufacturing phase are made on a regular basis. All the information is also hidden in the ink for the convenience of the clients.

Pros and cons


  • Effective for skin
  • Right for each skin kind and skin tone
  • Taking a short time recovery time
  • Prevent drying formula
  • No animal by-products


  • It is not recommended for use as a cosmetic.

Recommended Products

Here are the best products in tattoo ink


Intenze Zuper black tattoo ink offers the deepest tattoo pigmentation available, allowing you to convey tales via your tattoos.

This product also gains a lot of positive feedback from different countries from different artist reviews with customer reviews it can help in the healing process in a short time and quicker than other products. Some other notable feature of this black tattoo ink is that this does not dry throughout the tattooing process. It’s a strict vegetarian, so you didn’t have to think about skin irritation or adverse side effects using this high-quality product.

This ink bottle is interfere-proof, defensive the fluid, and escapes unsolicited falls through touching everywhere. Though, the rate for this one is not proper for one and all in line for its top-indentation excellence ink.


  • A short time of healing
  • Vegan formula

Intenze Tattoo Ink Set

Every enthusiastic tattoo artist requires a wide choice of colors in their ink kits to bring their ideas to life. This Intenze package will increase the quality of your tattooing process and help you to make a wonderful tattoo tale with 19 distinct eye-popping colorful tattoo colors.

The Intenze tattoo set includes different types of bright colors of tattoo inks like as bright red, Mario’s light blue, lemon yellow color, and orange color. If you want to make the color even darker then this dark color is available in high quality, you can choose any color in it Easily fulfill your desire for dark color. Some dark colors are available in set neutral shades, true black snow-white opaque, and dark green color. People who have used this color are happy with it.

Strong, vibrant pigments are included in every colored tattoo ink, allowing you to see every feature of your designs. The inks are free of heavy metals and hazardous components, guaranteeing that they meet health requirements. You will notice that the quality of the product is consistently excellent.


  • Easy to use
  • Vegan Formula
  • Great for shining Tattoos
  • Has no adverse effect on health.


  • Might not be right for fresh due to the high price

Comparison with other tattoo brands

Intenze vs.Kuro Sumi

If we talk about comparison with others then the Kuro Sumi is the most competitive company, it is a Japanese Ink Company well-known for its undisclosed method and original different tattoo color stuff. This one is of the main challengers of Intenze Company.

Kuro Sumi is a better option than INTENZE the price of Kuro Sumi is low and the INTENZE is somehow more budget but the look of intenze tattoo ink is better than the Kuro Sumi.

 For the moment, Intenze is new appropriate for specialists who can have enough money for pricier products.

Intenze vs. Eternal

These two well-known tattoo equipment suppliers provide fantastic vegan and colorful tattoo ink supplies that are completely safe to use because they are not tested on animals. In price Intenze price is more than eternal in but the healing time is better than eternal mean they take short time. Intenze has further benefits meanwhile it can save you tons of time for rescue.


Black remains the safest safe tattoo ink for both old and beginners. Blue and green are also safe according to artists and doctors. According to Dr. Amit Karkhanis, a laser, and cosmetic specialist, while some parlous manufacture their own inks, it’s typically safer to buy recognized inks that identify their contents.

This is where we see our customers because most of the customers don’t like it. According to doctors, it is not good for health so we do not include it. Any types of plastic mercury, nickel, cobalt, silicon, and iodine will be not included in our product.

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