Tattoo Bubbling

Tattoo Bubbling (its Causes & How To Avoid Its Dangerous Effects)

Getting ink on the body is now a very popular fashion, especially among the young generation. There are three stages to completing every tattoo, first is getting ink, the healing process, and getting vibrant artwork. But the most important of the three is the healing process in which you have to be very careful. Because if you select the right ink and take care of your wounds that occur during the tattoo session, so you can avoid any bad effects.

But unfortunately, sometimes we are slow to take care of the tattooed area which later on causes a bad infection. In Tattoos, bubbling is one of the most common issues a lot of people faced.

What Is Tattoo Bubbling?

When you get ink and leave the tattoo artist shop, your healing process is start now. In the healing process, the first thing you will see is a scab that is completely normal, rather it is a good sign of healing. But when you scratch these scabs, rip them, or do not dry your wounds after showering then these scabs trapped water and it bubbled up which is called tattoo bubbling. So whenever you get a tattoo, you see scabs on the tattooed area during the healing process, avoid touching it. Because touching it, again and again, causes infection.

What Causes This To Happen?

Whenever we get an infection we blame only our artist for it, while this is not the case at all. That’s fine too, but it could also be for other reasons such as sometimes it is because of your skin, sometimes because of the aftercare process, and sometimes it is because of using the wrong or expired lotion. Following is a detailed explanation of why these things cause tattoo bubbling.

The main reason for tattoo bubbling is to be slow to take care of body wounds. And it is very essential to take care of your skin and avoid those things which are dangerous to your skin.

Most people doing one common mistake, when their wound begins to heal, so on that area scabs feel which is a sign of best healing. But people start scratching it hard which refreshes their wounds again and again and as a result, it causes bubbling.

Another reason behind tattoo bubbling is that it is wet all the time. To avoid this infection it is necessary to keep your tattooed area dry. So when you get a shower or wash your tattooed area do not forget to dry it. Because when avoid drying it all the water drops go into your wound due to which your tattooed skin bubbles up.

Do not wrap anything tight around your tattoo, because your wounded skin needs to be dry. So when you wrap anything tight around it, so your body sweats, and drops of sweat go into the wound which causes tattoo bubbling.

Use Of Wrong Lotion

Be careful in using lotion, always use high-quality and trusted brand lotions. How can cause a tattoo bubble? So the answer is that when the lotion is applied to your body all the time, so it stays wet, and the new tattoo needs to dry. So lotion can also cause this infection.

Is It Dangerous?

Getting a tattoo is not an easy job you will pass through a lot of pain and wounds to get an admirable design. Because tattoo artists break your skin with a small needle so there is also a chance that germs can enter your skin and it can damage your skin.

Sometimes our tattoo healing process goes wrong and the tattooed area bubbled raises up which is dangerous for your skin. Tattoo bubbles affect both the design and skin, when your tattoo is bubbled up again and again it damages the entire design, all the colors fade, and ink flows away with blood and plasma. And it also damages the skin, even if it heals perfectly there will scab still remain for a long time.

How To Fix Tattoo Bubbling

When you feel that bubble raising up on your tattooed area, then first of all meet your tattoo artist. Because every artist has a different strategy and different methods so it is better to meet the artist you have done tattoos with. I’m sure that he will suggest to you the following steps to fix it.

Stop Using Ointment Or Lotion

Whenever you notice that your healing process is going wrong and there are scabs or bubbles appearing on the tattooed area then the first action is to stop using any kind of ointment or lotion. Because the bubble is an indicator that your skin is very wet and it wants to be dry. So stop using it, because more use of it can worsen your tattoo.

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Keep It Dry

The second step after noticing an infection is to keep your tattoo dry. So give your tattoo enough air it will keep your tattoo dry. But remember that do not expose your tattoo to the sun, because the sun’s rays can damage your skin.

Do Not Touch Scabs

Avoid touching scabs because when you scratch the bubble your wound will be refreshed again and the healing process will go longer. So it is better to avoid it for fixing the tattoo bubbling issue.


How Long Does It Take For Tattoo Bubbling To Heal?

The healing process of tattoo bubbling depends on your infected area and how large the area is affected. The smaller the area the less it will take time to heal, and vice versa. Normally an average tattoo bubble takes 3,4 weeks to completely heal.

The shortest way to stop tattoos from bubbling?

Do not keep your tattoo wet all the time by using different lotion and washing it again and again. Give your tattooed area more air, only air can make it dry and prevent it from germs and infections. The biggest cause of the tattoo bubbling is wetness, so when you keep it dry, it will be fine quickly


Tattoo bubbling is not common, which everyone will face after getting a tattoo. It happens only when you do not take care of your tattooed wounds during the healing process, or scratch your scabs which later convert into tattoo bubbles. It does not mean that getting a tattoo is bad but not taking care of your tattoo is bad, because it can cause skin damage.

So keep your tattoo clean and dry until it heals properly, and avoid using a lot of lotions and moistures. Because the tattoo bubble appears only when you keep your tattoo wet and dirty. So to prevent this infection follow all the instructions which are given above in this article.

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