Tattoo Healing Process

The Ultimate Guide to a Speedy and Successful Tattoo Healing Process

I will be not wrong if I say that the tattoo healing process is actually worse than sitting in the shop and getting a tattoo. It is very important to understand different stages and processes for better health. The tattoo recovery process is like religion, every artist has their own ideas and opinions. In this article, I will give you the complete procedure from base to last, and that how quickly you can heal your tattoo.

The healing of a tattoo depends on different things, such as your skin, your age, and some other factors. Some tattoos heal just in 2 to 3 weeks while some take several weeks. So it is hugely important to stay consistent with the tattoo aftercare process.

Basic Tattoo Aftercare

Every tattoo heals differently, and as I told you in the above paragraph that each artist has their own strategies and ideas for a healthy healing tattoo. But these five steps are essential, you can apply them to all types of tattoos. Do these steps regularly until your tattoo area heals well.

Wash your hand: it is very important to touch your tattoo area with clean hands if it is a brand new tattoo is in the healing process.

Use Lukewarm Water: Using both cool and hot water can harm your skin this is why always use lukewarm water when you wash your tattoo.

Use Your Hand: Always use your hand whenever you wash your tattoo.

Always Use Paper Towel: Don’t use any towel or toilet paper to dry your skin after washing. Use a paper towel, because it is more sterile than both.

Use Some Cream: Don’t forget to use aftercare cream after getting a tattoo, it will help you to heal quickly.

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Tattoo Healing Process

I have seen a lot of people on different platforms keep asking how long time our tattoo takes to heal. let me tell you that The outer part of the tattoo takes 2, or 3 weeks to heal, but the inner part takes up to 6 months, but only if you take good care of it. For your better understanding, we divided the overall process of healing into different stages.

Stage 1:

Your healing process starts where when your tattoo gets complete and your artist removes the machine from your body and puts it on the side. The time from the first day to a week is very difficult. You have to be very careful in this because all your wounds are open now.


Swelling, itching, oozing, plasma, blood, and redness in your body are completely common in the early days of a tattoo. The release of plasma and ink is a natural part of healing a tattoo. In the first week clean your tattoo 3,4 times according to the above method, and keep it safe from germs. When your tattoo gets completed your artist keeps a bandage wrapped on your tattoo. I personally recommend you do not remove this wrapping for you next 24 hours to avoid rubbing. After a night when your oozing gets stopped then remove it and wash your tattoo with sterilized lukewarm water.

Stage 2

A week later, your body’s swelling, oozing, and redness will be completely cured. But the scabbing will be there, but it’s ok there is nothing troubling about this. In this second stage of the tattoo healing process, you will more be itching around the tattooed area but it is an indicator of fast healing.

peeling and scabbing
peeling and scabbing

For fast healing, I recommend you not touch your tattoo area even if you feel the need for scratching. Instead of scratching apply pressure on it. This itch is actually caused by the dryness of the tattoo. So use some of our recommended aftercare lotions on the itchy area when you wash and clean. These lotions will help you to alleviate the itchiness.

Stage 3 (weeks 3 and 4)

In stage 3 all of your tattoo scabbing, oozing of plasma and tattoo redness will be gone completely. Now the outer cell of your body is healed and the inner layers will take several months. But do not forget to moisturize, use aftercare lotion 2 or 3 times a day on the dry area of the tattoo.

full heald tattoo
full heald tattoo

Things Not To Do During Tattoo Recovery Stage

If your tattoo is passing from the healing process then along with the above healing steps there are some activities to avoid. So let’s take a look at the activities to avoid during the healing stage.

Avoid Scabbing (healthy healing tattoo)

The tattoo area itches for two to three weeks, and you will feel much need for scratching. But keep in mind that it is very dangerous for your health. when you touch your wounded area with dirty hands it can give you an infection. So whenever you feel scratching use moisturizer on the itchy area.

Protect Your Tattoo From Sun

The rays of the sun can harm your tattoo. So protect your tattoo from the sun, but if you are going outside for some important work then covered it with pants or long sleeves.

Stop Going To the Gym For a Few Weeks

Stay away from the gym when your tattoo is in the healing process. There is nothing better than your health. and the gym is full of different germs and bacteria which can give an infection to your open wounded tattoo.

Signs Your Tattoo Is Not Healing Properly (signs of a bad tattoo healing)

If you are repeating the above process of healing properly but still notice the following signs then meet your artist as soon as possible.

Heavy Redness

Don’t worry about the tattoo redness, it is completely normal for any tattoo. Because getting a tattoo is not an easy job the artist injects needles into your body to transfer ink into your skin layers which irritate your body. This redness usually goes away in the first week. But if your redness lasts more than a week then there is a chance that your tattoo is not healing properly. And this is the time to meet a doctor as soon as possible.

Fluids Coming Out Of Your Tattoo

Fluids coming out is also a sign of fast healing but if it does not stop for the first week then you need to meet a doctor. Because in this case your artist can not helps you.

Lesions Or Blisters

If you notice a red lesion or blister during the tattoo healing time, then this is a big sign that your tattoo is infected. It can happen for many different reasons. Like an allergic reaction to the ink or your artist applying unsterilized ink on you.


Don’t be worry about the scabbing because scabbing itself is a big indicator of the Tattoo Healing Process. But If it does not heal for a couple of weeks then there is a chance that your tattoo is not healing.


How do I know if my tattoo is healing properly?

Repeat the first stage process of washing, cleaning, drying, and using lotion for the 2 weeks. Then look at the tattooed area, if the itching, oozing, and heavy redness around your tattoo are reducing then congratulation these are the signs of a healing tattoo. But remember not to leave the process, take it to continue for 3 to 4 months.

Is it normal for a tattoo to be red?

Yes, It is normal for any type of tattoo to be red. But remember that if this redness remains for longer than one week then it is necessary to meet your artist.

Is it normal, my tattoo is fading?

After getting a tattoo, the color looks very bright and vibrant. But during the healing process tattoo lose their colors. But don’t worry the colors come back when your tattoo is completely healed.

What is the procedure for washing tattoos?

Before washing your tattoo clean your hand with soap, then wash your tattoo with lukewarm water. Always use lukewarm water because both cool and hot water is dangerous for your skin. And repeat the procedure 3 to 4 times every day.


The tattoo healing process is not magic that will be happening in one night, it definitely takes time. So give yourself time and take good care of your tattoo, and apply all the above tactics to your body to heal quickly.

Swelling, itching, redness, fluids, and scabs are normal things, they will happen to everyone and they remain on for 3 to 4 days on your body. So do not worry about this just apply your aftercare routine daily. And whenever you notice that your skin is infected then meet the doctor as soon as possible.

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