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Tattoo Touch-Up: 4 Essential Times

Every tattoo lover knows that when you get your favorite tattoo permanently on your body so it becomes your body part. And it becomes obligatory for you to take good care of it like other parts of the body.

But unfortunately, sometimes you take good care of your tattoo but it still looks dull after healing, or it fades colors with time, or due to some external or internal reasons, it loses vibrancy.

So how do you bring back those faded colors? Every professional artist will do a tattoo touch-up to refresh your tattoo colors and shine. And this article is based on this technique so read it to the end to understand everything about tattoo touch up.

What Is Tattoo Touch Up

Tattoo touch up is a technique that is used for renewing your faded tattoo or for fixing problems and imperfections in the existing tattoo.

Any type of tattoo looks beautiful only when the colors look bright, the lining work comes perfectly and the shading comes right. But sometimes the result of our tattoos does not come as we expect which disappoints us a little when the colors come dull, the lines come faded, and the shading is uneven after it completely healed. Then every artist uses a tattoo cover-up or tattoo touch up to cover all the imperfections.

Tattoo touch ups are a way to get rid of unwanted imperfection in a new tattoo but it is mostly used for old tattoos to renew their faded colors.

When To Ask For A Tattoo Touch Up

Everyone who got a tattoo will need to do a tattoo touch-up even if they have done it with an experienced tattoo artist. But the main question is when will you require it? So there are several reasons why your tattoo needs a touch-up.

1 When Your Tattoo lost colors and pigment In The Initial Stage

If you take care of your tattoo and strictly follow the aftercare instruction of your artist then the colors, lines, and shading will come right and there will be no need for tattoo touch up. But sometimes we do not give proper time during the healing process and as a result, our tattoo does not come as we expected.

So when the colors and shading in the initial stage do not come right then you will need to book another appointment with your artist for the tattoo touch-up to cover all the imperfections in your tattoo.

2 When You Place Tattoo In the Wrong Place

tattoo placement plays a very important role in the life of your tattoo. So whenever you want to get a tattoo, first of all, think about the placement and placed it on the right body part. Because when you get a tattoo on the high-friction body part it will fade quickly. For example, if you place it on your foot, hand, inner thigh, inner lips, and ankles so it will fade its colors and shape.

So by touching up, you can bring back its pigment, colors, and shape. But it will start fading after some time even if you take good care of it and strictly follow the aftercare instructions of your artist. Because the tattoo is placed on the wrong part of the body that faces a lot of friction all the time it will start fading again after some time and you will need another tattoo touch up appointment with your artist.

3 When The tattoo is infected

It is a fact that people frequently get infections from their tattoos for a variety of reasons. Tattoo infection can happen whenever microorganisms are introduced to it during the healing stage, from contaminated tattoo equipment to touching and peeling the tattoo while it was healing.

Tattoo Bubbling, itching, tattoo blowout, and tattoo peeling are some popular infections that affect the tattooed area very badly when it becomes serious. The infected area becomes red and sometimes it starts bleeding that damaging tattoo.

Fortunately, There is nothing to worry about because every infection can be treated if you give an immediate reaction and good care.

You will be the perfect candidate for a tattoo touch up. However, you must first consult a dermatologist to determine whether your skin can withstand the tattoo needle and to acquire tips on how to prevent the tattoo from becoming infected once more.

4 When the Tattoo is Old

Sometimes tattoos lose their original colors, initial brightness, and blurring lines not because you place them in the wrong place or you do not take care in the healing process. Rather it starts fading because it becomes Several Years Old. And every tattoo loses its vibrancy and shine when it becomes old. it is completely normal no one can do anything in this because it is a natural process that occurs when your skin starts losing its elasticity.

So you can prolong your tattoo life by giving it a touch-up. and it will be better to see the original artist who designed your tattoo and do your touch session with them. If not possible don’t worry find another professional and well-trained artist and discuss everything about your tattoo and touch-up.

Do Tattoo Touch-Ups Cost a Lot?

All the artists I researched offer tattoos touch up free, and the reason behind it is that every professional artist guarantees their work. So if you got a tattoo in a reputable studio then this session is free for you. But remember that if you get a touch-up by a new artist then you will pay for it.

Are tattoo touch-ups painful?

Obviously, it will hurt you because the process is the same as when you got it for the first time. your artist will even now hit your skin with needles for adding ink to the upper layers which will definitely hurt you.

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